Investment Banking- Foundation Level

Investment Banking- Foundation Level

MVLCO offers two full day program on Investment Banking- Foundation Level.The participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of investment banking including asset products and liability products as well as capital markets

On completion of the program, the participants will be able to understand the intricacies, terminology/jargon and life-cycle of investment banking/capital markets products, market processes and clearing and settlement mechanism

Delivery mode: Classroom

Duration: Two full days

Course level: Foundation level

Trainer: Neha Dharurkar

Course Content:

  • Market concepts
  • Terminology
  • Entitities in securities market
  • Issuer
  • Market Regulator/s
  • Participants
  • Custodians
  • Deal types
  • Products types
  • Money Market
  • Bond Market
  • Debt products (in brief)
  • Equity products (in brief)
  • Mutual Funds (in brief)
  • Investment banking product and services
  • Investment servicing
  • Investment operations
  • Investment Analytics
  • Investment compliance monitoring

Investment Banking- Foundation Level


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