Fundamentals of Retail Banking

Fundamentals of Retail Banking

This course will enable you to understand fundamentals of retail banking and enrich your knowledge about various retail banking products and services. The course is focused on the needs of professionals wishing to acquire knowledge of retail banking in order to enable them to provide technological solutions to banking Industry.

Delivery mode: Classroom/virtual classroom/Blended

Duration: Two full days

Course level: Foundation level

What will you learn?

When you complete Retail banking, you will have understanding of :

  • What is retail banking
  • Retail banking loan products e.g. mortgages, auto loans, educational loans
  • Retail loan origination process
    1. Credit scoring
    2. Loan pricing
    3. Terms and covenants
    4. Loan documentation
  • Retail loan servicing and management
    1. Account monitoring
    2. Collateral existence and valuation
  • Retail loans collection and recovery
    1. Delinquent and non-performing assets
    2. Collection and recovery process
    3. Scores for collection and recovery
    4. Predictive dialers
    5. Regulation in respect of collection and recovery
  • Retail deposits
    1. Retail banking deposit products e.g. savings accounts, term deposits
    2. Deposit types e.g. fixed deposits, swap deposits, money market deposits
  • Retail banking services
    1. Services e. g. investment advisory, broking services
  • Retail customer
    1. Classification of customers
    2. Know your customer requirements

Course content:

Retail Banking Definition

  • What is retail banking
  • Attributes of retail banking

Retail Banking Customers

  • Types of customers
  • Know your customer (KYC) and FATF requirements
  • FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) Requirements
  • Pricing and billing

Retail Banking Channels

  • Branch banking
  • Remote channels
    1. Internet banking
    2. ATM
    3. Kiosks
    4. Mobile banking and telephone banking
    5. Omni channel

Retail Banking Product Terminology

  • Loan To Value
  • Field Investigation/customer contact
  • Direct Sales Agent
  • Credit Processing Agency
  • Credit Scoring – Internal and external
  • Analytics and cross-selling
  • Credit Reports – Risk Containment Unit
  • Subvention
    1. Dealer Subvention
    2. Manufacturer Subvention

Retail Banking Products

  • Loan products life cycle
    1. Application
    2. Assessment
    3. Sanction and disbursement
    4. Collection and recovery
  • Loan Products
    1. Property Loans
      • Mortgages
      • Home Equity Loans
      • Commercial Real Estate
    2. Auto Loans
      • New Cars
      • Used Cars
      • Car Overdraft
    3. Auto Lease
      • Period Lease
      • Mileage Lease
      • Open/Closed End Lease
      • Single/Multiple Payment Lease
    4. Personal Loans and overdrafts
    5. Consumer Loans
    6. Loan Against Shares
    7. Educational Loans
  • Retail Deposit Products
    1. Checking Accounts
    2. Saving Accounts
    3. Certificates of Deposits
    4. Individual Retirement Account/ISA
    5. Recurring Deposits
    6. Various other deposit products
  • Retail Fee Based Products
    1. DeMat Accounts
    2. Portfolio Management
    3. Investment and Broking

Regulation applicable to Retail Banking

  • Regulation in USA
  • Regulation in Europe

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