Fundamentals of Corporate Banking

Fundamentals of Corporate Banking

This course will enable you to understand fundamentals of global corporate banking and enrich your knowledge about various corporate banking products and services. The course is focused on the needs of professionals wishing to acquire knowledge of corporate banking in order to enable them to provide technological solutions to banking Industry.

Delivery mode: Classroom/virtual classroom/online

Duration: Two full days

Course level: Foundation level

What will you learn?

When you complete this course, you will have understanding of:

  • Products and services for corporate banking
  • Loan Products
  • Corporate
  • Equity and debt products
  • Investment banking services
  • Working capital finance
  • Trade finance asset products
  • Services
  • Integrated supply chain and channel finance
  • off-balance sheet products
  • Corporate loan origination process
  • Corporate loan servicing and management
  • Corporate loans collection and recovery
  • Foreign exchange transactions

Course content:


  • Basic eight banking business lines
  • What is corporate banking
  • Features of corporate banking
  • Corporate banking credit assessment process
  • Complete corporate loans life cycle
  • Corporate banking products

Loan products

  • Term loan
  • Project loan
  • Structured finance

Working capital finance

  • Pre-shipment finance and post shipment finance
  • Trade finance
    1. Trade documents
    2. Invoices
    3. Bill of exchange
    4. Bill of lading
    5. Incoterm 2010

Trade finance asset products

  • Pre-shipment
    1. EPC/PCFC/Cash credits
  • Post shipment
    1. Bill financing
    2. Bill discounting
    3. Bill purchase
    4. Factoring/forfaiting/reverse factoring
    5. Buyer’s credit and bank to bank loan


  • Bill collection

Integrated supply chain and channel finance

  • Single bank
  • Multi bank

off-balance sheet products

  • Documentary letters of credit
  • Process and usage of SWIFT
  • Introduction to UCPDC and ISBP
  • Bank guarantees
  • Process and usage of SWIFT
  • URDG
  • Stand-by letters of credit
  • Derivatives
    1. Forward contracts
    2. Interest rate swaps
    3. FX and currency swaps

Corporate loan origination process

  • Credit rating
  • Loan pricing
  • Terms and covenants
  • Loan documentation

Corporate loan servicing and management

  • Drawing power computation
  • Account monitoring
  • Collateral existence and valuation

Corporate loans collection and recovery

  • Delinquent and non-performing assets
  • Collection and recovery process

Foreign exchange transactions

  • Payments basics
    1. Domestic payments
    2. FX payments
  • Delivery channels
    1. Internet banking
    2. SWIFT
    3. H2H
    4. EBAM

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