Finance for Non Finance Professionals

Finance for Non Finance Professionals

Many successful managers and business people do not have any formal financial training. Nevertheless, understanding the basic concepts of financial management and analysis is an important advantage for anyone who wants to get to the top or to run their own business competitively.
Understanding finance is at the heart of effective management. Applying the central concepts of financial and management accounting is key to making the right decisions and ensuring maximum return. If you need a basic understanding and overview of cash flow, budgets, financial ratios, costing decisions and balance sheets this is the course for you.

This is a clear and practical course that will leave you with a thorough understanding of the uses, limitations and scope of financial statements.
This intensive two-day workshop introduces tools to help you answer basic questions about any business. How healthy is this business? What does the balance sheet tell me? How much is the company worth? Is this project really profitable? What do those annual reports mean?

This course will not make you an expert in these areas but it will remove the mystery from the language of accountants and newspaper financial pages and will help you to understand your business properly.
The course assumes no knowledge of finance or accounting but some experience in general management and basic spreadsheet skills would be useful.

Course level: Foundation level

Duration: Two full days

Delivery mode: Live Classroom, Virtual Classroom, Blended

What will you learn?

When you complete this course, you will have total understanding of :

  • Understanding Financial Statements – Profit and Loss – Balance Sheet – Cash Flows
  • Key Financial and Performance Ratios – Liquidity and Solvency – Performance
  • Reading annual reports – Audit Reports – Key Financial Figures – Notes to Accounts
  • Key Principles of Business Financing – Risk and Return – Debt and Equity – Gearing and Cost of Capital
  • Discounted Cash Flows – Opportunity Cost and Risk – Cash Flow vs. Profit – DCF Principles – Net
  • Present Value and Internal Rate of Return
  • Basics of Costing Principles

Course Content:

Introduction to finance

Business activities

  • Financing activities
  • Investing activities
  • Operational activities

How the participant’s decisions impact these activities

The function of finance

  • Planning/forecasting
  • Controlling
  • Accounting
  • Reporting

A very brief discussion on accounting framework

  • Accounting principles, concepts and conventions
  • Cash vs. accrual accounting
  • What is GAAP/AS

Accounting terminology

  • Sales/revenue
  • Depreciation/Amortisation
  • Accrual/provisions

Understanding the numbers

  • Balance Sheet
    1. Assets
    2. Liabilities
    3. Off-balance sheet items
  • Profit and Loss Account
    1. Income
      • Operating/Non-operating
    2. Expenditure
      • Cash/Non-cash
      • Operating/Non-operating
  • Cash Flow Statement

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