Certified Payment Processing Specialist

Certified Payment Processing Specialist

Payments are an inherent part of our daily life. With Continuous evolution and rapid progress, payment industry offers great opportunities. Entry of non-bank players and technology innovations are adding more zing to payments. It very important for banks, technology companies, players in payment industry as well as professionals working with them to have a thorough knowledge of end-to-end processes, opportunities and developments in payments.
MVLCO offers a four full days comprehensive CPPS certification program extensively focused on processing wholesale and retail payments.

Duration: Four full days

Course level: Foundation level

Delivery mode: Live Classroom, Virtual Classroom, Blended

What will you learn?

When you complete CPPS, you will have understanding of :

  • How wholesale and retail payments are processed within a bank
  • Structure of SWIFT MT/MX payment messages
  • How payment engines and payment hubs function
  • Exceptions, investigations, rejects and returns handling
  • Frauds in payments
  • Current and future trends in payments

Course Content:


  • Importance of payment systems
  • Broad objectives and components of payment system
  • Three key elements : Message, Clearing/Netting and Settlement
  • Electronic Payment Systems viz. RTGS, Hybrids and Card Payments
  • Payment transactions : Bank to Bank, Bank-to-Customer

Payment Messaging

  • Messaging methods i.e. internet, mobile, SWIFT etc.
  • SWIFT/euroSIC/EDIFACT/proprietary messages
  • Understanding SWIFT MT/MX message structure
  • SWIFT MT Messages for payments i.e. 1XX, 2XX, 3XX and 9XX
  • SWIFT MX messages for payments i.e. PAIN, PACS and CAMT
  • Message conversion and message processing, message repair

Payment Exceptions and Investigations

  • Exceptions : request to cancel/request to modify
  • Exceptions : Unable to apply
  • Exceptions : Claim non-receipt
  • Investigation : Resolution
  • Investigation : Notification of case assignment
  • Investigation : Duplicate/Request for duplicate
  • Investigation : Rejection
  • Investigation : Case status report request/report
  • Investigation : Debit authorization request/response
  • Use of software/applications to automate exceptions/investigations

Payment Rejects and Returns

  • Understanding rejects and returns
  • Understanding SWIFT reject/return guidelines
  • Using SWIFT MT/MX messages for reject and return

Payment Engines,Payment Hubs
and Straight Through Processing (STP)

  • Components of payment engine/payment hub
  • How payment engines/payment hubs function
  • Payment processing using payment engines / payment hubs
  • Payment accounting and transaction reconciliation
  • Liquidity and queue management

Payment Accounting and Funds Management

  • Payment accounting : Settlement Accounts, Nostro/Nostro Mirrors
  • Payment transactions reconciliation

Frauds in Payments

  • Types of frauds and fraud prevention

Payment Analytics

  • Payment KPI/KRI and data analytics

Certified Payment Processing Specialist


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