Certified Payment Messaging Expert

Certified Payment Messaging Expert

MVLCO offers a four full days comprehensive Certified Payment Messaging Experts certification program extensively focused on messages and messaging standards used in payment systems. The course covers important
messages formats e.g. SWIFT MT/MX , ISO20022 , Fedwire and CHIPS messages used in
payments systems.

The course covers understanding important message types at field/message component level. The PME program emphasizes on active participation from delegates and includes exercises and case studies.

Delivery mode: Classroom/virtual classroom/online

Duration: Four full days

Delivery mode: Live Classroom, Virtual Classroom, Blended

Why should you attend

    International and domestic payments are one of the most happening domain areas in banking and
    finance. Large opportunities exist for Payment Professionals in banks and IT/Software industry.
    After this certification you would have a cutting edge over others.

What will you learn?

When you complete CPME, you will have understanding of :

  • Understand importance of messages in payment systems
  • Gain knowledge about SWIFT MT messages for payments e.g. MT1XX, MT2XX and MT9XX series
  • How ISO20022/SWIFT MX messages e.g. PAIN, PACS, CAMT are used for payments.
  • Get an overview of Fedwire, CHIPS and ACH payment messages used in USA
  • Understand end-to-end payment process using SWIFT MT and SWIFT MX / ISO 20022 messaging standards

Course Content:

Introduction to usage of messages in payment systems

  • Overview of payments process including push/pull transactions
  • Global formats e.g. SWIFT MT/ISO20022, ISO8583, EDIFACT
  • Regional/proprietary formats e.g. UK Standard 18/60, USA ANSI
  • Core data elements in payment messages

Overview of SWIFT MT messaging

  • What is SWIFT
  • Various products and services offered by SWIFT to banks/financial institutionsand corporates
  • SWIFT messaging services : SWIFT NetFin, FileAct, InterAct and Browse
  • Overview of SWIFT connectivity : SNL, Alliance Gateway, Alliance Web Platform, Alliance Access
  • Alliance Lite and structures used in financial institutions
  • Corporate connectivity :SCORE, MA-CUG, TRCO
  • Banking relationships e.g. Nostro/Vostro and corporate relationships
  • SWIFT message routing restrictions and message user groups
  • Understanding Relationship Management Application (RMA)
  • Overview of SWIFT MT messages : MT1XX to MT9XX, MTnXX,
  • System messages and Service messages, ACK/NAK, UAK. UNAKand notification messages
  • Payment market practices and guidelines
  • Institution identification : BIC Policy
  • SWIFT MT message structure and message blocks

Using SWIFT FIN messages for payments

      Concepts, Terminology and understanding basic fields in SWIFT MTmessages

    • Understanding of important messages in MT1XX series
    Request for transfer : MT101
    Multiple customer credit transfer : MT102
    Single customer credit transfer : MT103 in serial mode and MT103 with MT202COV in cover mode
    Direct debit/request for debit : MT104
  • Understanding of important messages in MT2XX series:
    Financial institution transfer for own account : MT200
    Financial institution transfer for own account : MT201
    General financial institution transfer : MT202
    Multiple general financial institution transfer : MT203
    Financial markets direct debit : MT204
    Financial institution transfer execution : MT205
    Notice to receive : MT210
  • Understanding of important messages in MT9XX series:
    Confirmation of debit : MT900
    Confirmation of credit : MT910
    Request message : MT920
    Customer statement message : MT940
    Interim transaction report : MT942
    Statement message : MT950

Use of SWIFT MT messages in End to end payment transaction processing :
From remitter to beneficiary covering business scenarios of inward and outward payments.

  • SWIFT MT Reject, Return and transaction cancellation process
  • Payment investigations : MT n92, n95, n96
  • Message reconciliation and payment/nostro reconciliation process

SWIFT AML Sanctions

  • How SWIFT sanctions is used in payment processing

MX Messaging (ISO20022 XML messages)

    • Understanding the need for ISO20022 messages
    • ISO20022 coexistence and convergence
    • Overview of XML messages under ISO20022 used for payment transactions
    • Structure of MX messages
    • Overview of MX PACS, PAIN, CAMT messages for payments processing
    • PACS (Payments Clearing and Settlement)
    • PAIN series (Payment Initiation)
    • CAMT series (Cash Management)
    • Other relevant MX messages
    • Use of ISO20022 MX messages in End to end payment transaction processing : From remitter to beneficiary covering business scenarios of inward and outward payments
    • Exceptions and investigations in payments using ISO20022 messaging

Overview of other standards for payment messaging

    • United Nations EDIFACT messaging standard
    • USA ANSI standard/X12/S820
    USA Fedwire messages
    USA CHIPS messages
  • UK BACS Standard 18 file format and other reports

Basel III requirement of liquidity management

  • Intraday liquidity management BCBS248

Certified Payment Messaging Expert


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