Certified Payment Messaging Expert

Certified Payment Messaging Expert

MVLCO offers a four full days comprehensive Certified Payment Messaging Experts certification program extensively focused on messages and messaging standards used in payment systems. The course covers important
messages formats e.g. SWIFT MT/MX , ISO20022 , Fedwire and CHIPS messages used in
payments systems.

The course covers understanding important message types at field/message component level. The PME program emphasizes on active participation from delegates and includes exercises and case studies.

Delivery mode: Classroom/virtual classroom/online

Duration: Four full days

Course level: Foundation level

Delivery mode: Live Classroom, Virtual Classroom, Blended

Why should you attend:

International and domesticpayments are one of themost happening domainareas in banking and
finance. Large opportunitiesexist for Payment Professionalsin banks andIT/Software industry.
After this certification youwould have a cutting edgeover others.

Course Content:

Introduction to usage of messages in payment systems

  • Overview of payments process including push/pull transactions
  • Global formats e.g. SWIFT MT/ISO20022, ISO8583, EDIFACT
  • Regional/proprietary formats e.g. UK Standard 18/60, USA ANSI
  • Core data elements in payment messages

Overview of SWIFT MT messaging

  • What is SWIFT
  • Various products and services offered by SWIFT to banks/financial institutionsand corporates
  • SWIFT messaging services : SWIFT NetFin, FileAct, InterAct and Browse
  • Overview of SWIFT connectivity : SNL, Alliance Gateway, Alliance Web Platform, Alliance Access
  • Alliance Lite and structures used in financial institutions
  • Corporate connectivity :SCORE, MA-CUG, TRCO
  • Banking relationships e.g. Nostro/Vostro and corporate relationships
  • SWIFT message routing restrictions and message user groups
  • Understanding Relationship Management Application (RMA)
  • Overview of SWIFT MT messages : MT1XX to MT9XX, MTnXX,
  • System messages and Service messages, ACK/NAK, UAK. UNAKand notification messages
  • Payment market practices and guidelines
  • Institution identification : BIC Policy
  • SWIFT MT message structure and message blocks

Using SWIFT FIN messages for payments

    • Concepts, Terminology and understanding basic fields in SWIFT MTmessages
    • Understanding of important messages in MT1XX series

Request for transfer : MT101
Multiple customer credit transfer : MT102
Single customer credit transfer : MT103 in serial mode and MT103 with MT202COV in cover mode
Direct debit/request for debit : MT104

  • Understanding of important messages in MT2XX series:

Financial institution transfer for own account : MT200
Financial institution transfer for own account : MT201
General financial institution transfer : MT202
Multiple general financial institution transfer : MT203
Financial markets direct debit : MT204
Financial institution transfer execution : MT205
Notice to receive : MT210
Understanding of important messages in MT9XX series:
Confirmation of debit : MT900
Confirmation of credit : MT910
Request message : MT920
Customer statement message : MT940
Interim transaction report : MT942
Statement message : MT950

Use of SWIFT MT messages in End to end payment transaction processing :
From remitter to beneficiary covering business scenarios of inward and outward payments.

  • SWIFT MT Reject, Return and transaction cancellation process
  • Payment investigations : MT n92, n95, n96
  • Message reconciliation and payment/nostro reconciliation process

SWIFT AML Sanctions

  • How SWIFT sanctions is used in payment processing

MX Messaging (ISO20022 XML messages)

    • Understanding the need for ISO20022 messages
    • ISO20022 coexistence and convergence
    • Overview of XML messages under ISO20022 used for payment transactions
    • Structure of MX messages
    • Overview of MX PACS, PAIN, CAMT messages for payments processing
    • PACS (Payments Clearing and Settlement)
    • PAIN series (Payment Initiation)
    • CAMT series (Cash Management)
    • Other relevant MX messages
    • Use of ISO20022 MX messages in End to end payment transaction processing :

From remitter to beneficiary covering business scenarios of inward and outward payments
Exceptions and investigations in payments using ISO20022 messaging

Overview of other standards for payment messaging

    • United Nations EDIFACT messaging standard
    • USA ANSI standard/X12/S820

USA Fedwire messages
USA CHIPS messages

  • UK BACS Standard 18 file format and other reports

Basel III requirement of liquidity management

  • Intraday liquidity management BCBS248

Certified Payment Messaging Expert


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