Certified Card Payment Systems Professional

Certified Card Payment Systems Professional

MVLCO offers a four full day’s comprehensive CCPSP program extensively focused on Payment Card Systems. The course covers how payment cards e.g. credit/debit cards are issued, how the transactions are processed, the use of Switch in card payments and all important aspects of card and mobile payment processes.
The CCPSP program emphasizes on active participation from delegates and includes exercises and case studies.

Duration: Four full days

Course level: Foundation level

Delivery mode: Live Classroom, Virtual Classroom, Blended

What will you learn?

When you complete this Course, you will have understanding of:

  • Different types of payment cards
  • Payment cards issuance process
  • Role of various players in payment card industry
  • Use of Switch, HSM and key management process
  • End-to-end card transaction processing
  • ISO 8583 and ISO 20022 messages
  • Frauds in card payment systems and card security
  • Use of fraud management software in card industry
  • International standards i.e. PCIDSS and EMV

Course Content:


  • History of Payment Cards
  • Players in Payment Card Industry
  • Card Schemes
  • Types of Cards
    1. Products viz. credit card, debit card etc.
    2. Physical ; Magstripe, ICC, Contactless, NFC, Virtual
    3. Structure of cards : Magstripe, ICC, Contactless, NFC
    4. PIN, CVV, iCVV, CVV2
    5. Access devices : ATM, POS machines/M-POS, Internet and MOTO
  • Access devices : ATM, POS machines/M-POS, Internet and MOTO

Introduction to Card Operations

  • Introduction to ISO 8583 and ISO 20022 Messages for Cards.
  • Functions of Issuer, Acquirer, Merchants and Inter-connect
  • Revenue Streams

 Card Issue Process

  • Card Types
  • EMV Standards
  • Track Types
  • Customer Data Acquisition
  • Card Production and PAN/CAF Generation for Switch
  • PAN/CAF Upload in Switch
  • PIN Generation and PIN Blocks

 Electronic Fund Transfer Switch

  • Introduction to Switch and its Functions
  • Brief Introduction to Hardware Requirements
  • Brief Introduction to Software Components

HSM and its Functions / BCSS

  • Host/Hardware Security Module
  • Hardware Components
  • Key Management Function
    1. Local Master Keys
    2. Zone Master Key
    3. Zone PIN Key
    4. Terminal Master Key
    5. Terminal PIN Key
    6. Terminal Authentication Key
    7. PIN Verification Key
    8. Card Verification Key
    9. Master/Session Key Scheme
    10. Transaction Key Scheme
    11. Issuer Working Key
    12. Acquirer Working Key
  • Automated Key Distribution System

Introduction to Card Operations

  • Introduction to ISO 8583, ASN.1/BER and ISO 20022 Messages.
  • Functions of Issuer, Acquirer, Merchants and Inter-connect
  • Revenue Streams
  • Costs of Card Operations
  • Overview of EMV standards
  • EMV L1/L2/L3 Certification requirements
  • Communication protocols T=0/T=1
  • Kernels and Kernel Tags
  • DE55 and ASN.1/BER Tags
  • Permitted Transactions
    1. Card Present Transaction (CP)
    2. Card Not Present Transactions (CNP)
  • Transaction flow for CP and CNP Transactions
    1. Full EMV and Early/Quick EMV
    2. Data Authentication : SDA/DDA/CDA
    3. CVM/Offline/Online PIN verification
    4. Accounting
    5. Authorisations
    6. Online/offline authorization processes e.g. PBF/SAF, Grading
    7. EMV Commands and APDU Command/Response Pairs
    8. EMV process of GENERATE 1st AC/GENERATE 2nd AC
    9. Full STIP, Partial STIP, Co-operative Processing
  • Reconciliations
    1. Importance of Reconciliations
    2. Various types of Reconciliations
  • Customer Billing, Collection and Recovery
  • Presentments and Chargeback
  • Settlements
    1. VISA/Master Settlements
    2. Partner Settlements
    3. Merchant Settlements
  • Card Frauds and Security Issues:
    1. Use of Applications for Fraud Detection and Prevention
    2. ICO Falcon
  • Card Standards
    1. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)
    2. EMV Standards
    3. Other relevant ISO standards e.g. ISO9564
  • Card Analytics
    1. Card Analytics: TRIAD/Strategy ware
  • Regulation
    1. Dodd-Frank, USA
    2. EPC regulation on mobile cards in European Union and SEPA Cards

Certified Card Payment Systems Professional


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